ArgyllCMS V1.3.6 Released

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ArgyllCMS author Graeme Gill released a new version of his cross platform colour management solution.The new version provides support for new devices, improvements and bug fixes.

  • new Spyder 4 display colorimeter supported (Note that the user must supply calibration data)
  • new experimental support for ColorHug display colorimeter (read instruction how to enable)
  • add -y option for extended display selection and tweak integration times

The later feature hints, that some newer instruments speed up with measurement times and need now more careful adjustments in order to not interfere with display frequencies.

About: ArgyllCMS is the primary tool set in the open source world to access colour measurement devices and to create ICC profiles.┬áTogether with it’s colour conversion and analysis capabilities it is located in the tool box of many colour management professionals. Several freely distributed graphical front ends exist for ease of handling.